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ECSU Student info login student Result 2023

Ethiopian Civil Service University (ECSU) ECSU Student info login student Result 2023 official using ID and Password Student Info & Result


ECSU Student info login

The Ethiopian Civil Service University (ECSU) has its own student management portal known as “ECSU Student info”. It allows students to do many tasks online.

  • Courses:- all courses in his/her Curriculum
  • Academic Status:- detail academic status starting from year 1, semester 1….,
  • Grades:- Detail about taken courses, exempted courses, waived courses,…
  • Dormitory placement
  • Academic Calendars and
  • Other important information


Students who have their ID and Passwords can log in into the portal and check their list courses and subjects.

Academic Status

All running students of Ethiopian Civil Service University (ECSU) can check their academic status both year wise and semester wise courses.


Under this option, a student can check their grade report by login into the portal. student Result

To check the result students must login into the “Ethiopian Civil Service University
Online Student Information” page. Check the following steps.

  • Visit ECSU Student info:
  • Click on Login Page
  • Now enter your User name= “My id” Password your “mypass1234”
  • Eg: If Student Name is “Bereket Bogale” and  Eg: Student ID “ECSU230098then
  • So Bereket User name will be ECSU230098 and pass will be bereket1234

Note: Password is a small letter.

As soon as you log in, the system will ask you to change your temporary password before accessing any resource that needs your identity. Therefore, you have to fill the new password and other requested information properly. The new password should not be less than 7 characters.

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