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Bahir Dar University Student Grade Result Online Report

University Name Bahir Dar University
Location Bahir Dar, Ethiopia
Afflicted Colleges 05
Schools of Department 04
Research Centre 03
Total Students 56,000 Approx
Total Staffs 1540
Course Offered Diploma, Under Graduate & Post Graduate
Total Campus 08
Campus Address Gandara Campus, Otona Campus & Tercha Campus

Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia is one of the well-known universities in Ethiopia which consists of six Bands (namely: Engineering and Technology, Natural & Computational Science, Medicine and Health Science, Agriculture &Life Science, Business & Economics, Social Science and Humanities).

Under the university, there are four Colleges, three Faculties, five Schools, two Academies and two Institutes. According to the information on June 2012, the university has 1,100 male and 123 female local instructors and 34 male 3 female expatriate academic staff. The university has 131 academic programs of which 65 are undergraduate and 66 are postgraduate programs.

The Engineering Faculty has the following departments: Civil, Electrical, Chemical, Industrial, Mechanical, Textile, Computer Science and the newly added water resources engineering and Food and biochemical technology departments. The university has also started a postgraduate programme in thermal and manufacturing under the department of mechanical engineering. student grade online result

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